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Connected Living

We believe that a Smart home can be smart without being complicated. We partner with homeowners to create unique and custom solutions that help you accomplish your home technology goals, making life more secure, comfortable and productive. 


WiFi & Networking

Have you ever experienced a "dead zone" in your house? Or, perhaps the kids are online for school, and your video connection keeps failing on an important work meeting due to bandwidth issues. 

Our goal is to work with you to fully understand your needs as it relates to network and WiFi coverage and then design and install a system that works as intended. 

The average household has over 20 connected devices. As technology advances, the need for secure and reliable network solutions increases as well. Smart Systems offers expert network design, installation and monitoring services. 


Automation & Control

Home automation and control systems should be simple to use and easy to understand, while making life at home more enjoyable. Whole home automation systems connect all of the systems we use in everyday life. From garage doors and smart locks, lighting and climate control, to automated shades and voice activated control; if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it. 



We love helping people create their dream entertainment system. This can be as simple as a whole home Sonos system that integrates sound through your entire home, while giving flexibility to create zones, allowing different users to listen to different stations. Perhaps you've always wanted a home theater with the perfect acoustics and killer video. Whatever your vision is, we look forward to making it a reality! 



Your home is your sanctuary and nothing is more important than you and your loved ones feeling of safety. We will work with you to create a custom solution to fit your needs. With state of the art camera systems, equipped with sound and license plate reading technology, you can have complete visibility in and around your home. Adding alarm services and smart locks help take your security system to the next level. 


System Rescue

What is System Rescue, you ask? System Rescue is a term we coined to put words to a significant number of projects with which we have worked. If you've invested in a network, security or automation system and it isn't working the way it was intended to, we will work with you to conduct a complete system audit and then make design adjustments and recommend a solution that we guarantee will work. We do our best to protect your existing investment and to use as much of your current infrastructure and equipment as possible, while still creating the desired end result.

Residential_System Rescue

Service Plans

With the advancements in technology, the need for a technology partner you can trust and call when needs arise is more important than ever. Finding the right fit company to design and install your home technology is an important decision. We offer priority service plans for our clients to ensure you are taken care of when you need it. 


Helping Homeowners

As a home owner, there are many reasons to partner with Smart Systems. Below are some common use cases and scenarios where we've helped homeowners. 

New Construction or Remodel

Are you building your dream home or remodeling your basement to create your dream entertainment area? While you're in the planning phase, working with your architect is the best time to call us. We can partner directly with your contractor and designer to ensure proper cable planning, and ensure sound and lighting systems aren't competing for space. The earlier we are involved ensures we are able to help you bring your vision to reality. 

Vacation/Second Home

Do you have a home or property that is unoccupied, or a property that you short term rental? Installing systems that provide visibility and peace of mind when you're not on site reduces stress, risk, as well as unforeseen expenses that occur from not having visibility.  Smart locks allow you to provide access on an as needed basis, while automation allows you to manage the thermostat, get notified of water leaks and much more. We can help you create a system that is discrete and functional. 

Systems Not Working

Picture this: you just moved into a beautiful new home. You spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new home network and automation system, and you can't hold a call in your home office, and you consistently have what seem like bandwidth issues. Unfortunately, this is more common than one would expect; this is why it's critical to thoroughly vet your prospective partners, and ensure they have the skillset required for your project. Our team consists of both AV and IT experts, which is key in integrating all of the components in your home today. 

John ran into a number of unanticipated problems while installing my surround sound system. The job took much longer than we thought because of the way the house is constructed yet he didn’t complain and kept at the project. The end result was a clean, neat, great sounding job. The TV mount he suggested fits the way we live like a glove. You need a sound system guy? Call John!

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