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Creating a Functional and Safe Workplace

Keeping people connected and integrating technology in the workplace comes with as many challenges as it does benefits. At Smart Systems, our goal is to be an extension of your team, and to fully understand your goals as an organization so we can create an environment that helps each and every team member feel safe, with the ability to be productive. This means providing security systems that meet the needs of the office, staying connected with excellent network coverage (wired and wireless), while creating cohesive meeting spaces where team members can collaborate. 


WiFi & Networking

A well designed and secure network are essential for any workplace. Smart Systems extensive experience in designing and deploying new networks, as well as troubleshooting and remediating network issues allows us to step in and be an extension of your team. If you're moving into a new space, need help with connectivity issues, Smart Systems is your go to partner. 


Security & Access Control

Security and Access Control are critical in creating an environment where you and your team members feel safe and secure. From camera systems and alarm to badged or bio-metric access control, we will work with you to fully understand your needs and design and install a system that you can feel good about. 


Video Conferencing 

Connecting with team members and clients in a virtual setting has become mission critical. The system you choose to install can have a direct impact on the success of a meeting or closing a deal.

With a complete understanding of your needs, Smart Systems will design and install an environment and conferencing system that allows all attendees, in-person and virtual alike, to have a productive and interactive experience. 

Commercial_Video Conferencing

LED Display 

Direct LED display solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses engage with customers and employees. Are you seeking a dynamic method to enhance customer engagement and boost your brand visibility? Looking for a reliable platform to showcase your top clients and team members effectively?

Our team, at Smart Systems, will collaborate with you to craft the ideal LED display solution catering to your specific needs and vision for your business. 



Creating an Environment Where ALL Team Members Thrive


Whether you're designing a new office or experiencing issues in an existing space, we can help you achieve the connectivity required to keep your business running. With heat mapping technology, we build accurate and efficient networks from the start, offering predictive modeling for new builds and system rescue for existing networks. 

New Construction

Technology isn't always the first thought when you're moving into a new office space or building a brand new space, but it should be! The earlier we can collaborate with your contractor and designer, the better the design and easier and less expensive the install will be. The number of team members, plans for growth and future changes are all considerations when pulling network cable and designing your ideal workspace. 

Guest Networks & Portal

Providing guest networks helps prevent threats to sensitive data and systems. Smart Systems designs and installs guest internet access via a separate VLAN, creating an additional level of security. Additionally, this is a great way to capture prospect and customer data when guests access the network, creating future marketing opportunities.  

Restricted Access

Each space is unique as it relates to the technology needed to fit the business needs. Ensuring that only individuals that are supposed to be in a building or office, or even specific rooms within a building is a common use case for access control. Solutions range from coded access, RFID, or bio-metric, depending on the level of security required. Scheduling systems and permission levels make it easy to control access based on time of day and day of the week. 

Our co-working space was experiencing increased customer churn and lost revenue due to poor WiFi connectivity. Devices showed they were connected, but couldn't even open a webpage. Smart Systems conducted a site survey revealing the original contractor installed too many access points, and in the wrong places. They reconfigured our network, removing the unnecessary access points and correcting placement of the others.

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