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Creating Learning and Teaching Environments for Everyone


Creating an inclusive learning environment that helps both teachers and students to succeed is incorporated in each solution that Smart Systems designs and installs. 


Hybrid Learning 

As hybrid and remote learning continue to evolve, the needs of instructors and students evolve as well. At Smart Systems, we'll evaluate your current systems along with your goals for delivering content and courses to your students, making technology recommendations to help you accomplish those goals. 

Our designs typically include multiple screens (depending on classroom size) for on campus attendees, as well as an advanced camera and sound system for virtual attendees.  


Planning & Design 

If you're expanding a campus with additional classrooms or considering a major technology upgrade, planning & design are critical to the success of your project.  

Our expert design team is here to help you evaluate your existing infrastructure, along with the intended outcome of your project to design a system that checks all the boxes. 


Control System Integration

Due to the nature of technology advancements and standard practice of upgrading or replacing systems when they are failing or obsolete, educational institutions often find themselves with piece meal technology environments, creating a frustrating user experience.

Control systems such as Crestron and QSC automate commonly used systems required to operate and control classroom technology, creating a standardized experience for both instructors and students. 

Edu_Control System

LED Display

Direct LED Displays are revolutionizing education with their superior visual quality and engagement potential. These displays use advanced LED technology to deliver bright, vibrant images, ideal for well-lit classrooms and large spaces. Their high brightness and contrast enhance visibility for all students, making lessons more interactive and understandable by vividly illustrating complex concepts. They are also great in student unions and outdoor communal areas for communicating events and important messages, as well as providing opportunity to bring students together for entertainment. 



Retaining Staff & Students

Every institution is looking to increase enrollments and retain faculty and students alike. Read below to learn how Smart Systems has partnered with educational facilities to create a more cohesive environment. 

Standardizing User Experience

As technology advances and campuses grow, it’s no surprise that systems eventually become disparate & overwhelmingly complicated. This can be a frustrating experience for educators and students alike. We work with campus media and IT directors to evaluate current systems, specifically as it relates to classroom technology, and engineer solutions to standardize technology that enhances the educational experience.

Energy Saving

Centralizing control with the ability to manage classroom energy remotely and on a timer provides opportunity for major savings in electric and energy.  Imagine an environment where each classroom is aligned with the schedule for the day; the lights turn on and off as needed, and classroom technology is booted up and ready to go when the instructor enters the room. Energy efficiency improves and so does the efficiency of your instructors. 

Communicating With Students

Mass communication can be a challenge in a campus environment, and is also a critical element to keeping students and faculty informed and safe. Digital signage with centralized control gives campus staff the ability and resources to push a message out quickly and effectively. Use cases can include standard announcements or emergency notifications.


Integrating New & Old Technology

In an ideal world each classroom would be equipped with the latest and greatest technology. Between budget and time constraints this is not typically feasible. At Smart Systems, we think creatively when it comes to upgrading systems and integrating existing technology with new technology, aiming to protect your existing investment as well as future proof your systems to best of our ability. 

John is extremely professional and awesome to work with. He gave great suggestions on how to best meet our needs and also gave great ideas to save us money. He then researched the products for us, purchased and installed them in less than a week. He made the process super easy and we are loving the results. I totally recommend Smart Systems!

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